A review of Healing Conference 2019         
  The folks at St Luke's Anglican Church Calgary are hard at work producing a FREE eBook full of healing testimonies and encouragement!

Sharing your story is guaranteed to bless many! 

We also know we cannot bless others without being blessed ourselves!


You are invited to submit one or more  testimonies of

  • Healing

  • God's Provision and

  • His Loving Care

in YOUR life.

Invite your friends to submit their testimony also!


Please give your testimony a title at the beginning to help us place in the book.... such as
 Healed... Delivered... Guidance... Protection... Faith...  etc

eBooks (PDF) can be opened by any browser and most mobile devices.

The book will be released before the end of October.  Please submit your story now!


 Need Help?

If you need help with your story, simply write as much as you want in a fresh email with the word Testimony in the subject line to Deacon Keith Bird at kbird7@gmail.com.

We have editors who will arrange your comments in a testimony format and return to you for approval.



By Email

Include Testimony in the subject line

Type your story into an email or attach a Word Doc to kbird7@gmail.com

The length of your testimony can be as long as you wish.  Details would be appreciated


    Thank you for your testimony!  By submitting you agree to any grammatical or spelling edits..  

Please conclude your testimony with your name and how you wish to be identified.

Example: John Smith, St Luke's Anglican: Calgary, AB

Example: Doris Allan, Elementary School Teacher: Dallas, TX

Or:  Include a photo (jpeg format) and short bio if you wish

    To request the eBook click mailing list